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Funny gifts (some) husbands appreciate

24 Oct

On my trip to New York I picked for my husband the picture below  (it’s not on paper, but rather on metal). He absolutely LOVES it! He has it up on the wall in his happy place (his garage).

The moral of the story: always tell the truth and nothing but the truth. People will appreciate your honesty.

Question 4 U: what’s the funniest gift you gave to someone or you personally received?

Calvin & Hobbes–Instant smile!

9 Apr

Mondays back in the office can be dreadful. But I know just the best recipe to get me in a good mood instantly… either Maxine or Calvin and Hobbes. So I keep a few prints on my tack-board above my desk… like this one:

And if this didn’t lift your spirit, how about this one?

TGIF with Maxine

27 Jan

Fridays are so much fun! Fridays are the beginning of relaxing weekends, with staying up late and waking up even later, with dinners out, movies, visits, games or whatever else you’ve saved for the weekend. No need to worry about getting your kids to bed earlier, no need to set your alarm for the next day.

And what better way to celebrate Fridays than with one of Maxine’s quotes. A friend of mine sent mt the following and thought of sharing. Priceless!