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Off To Oz Giveaway Hop

9 Sep

giveaway hop image

WHEN: September 10th-17th

ORGANIZED BY:  Angela’s Anxious Life and co-hosted by I’m A Reader Not A Writer.

RULE: This giveaway must feature a book that would fit in the category of Classic books, Classic retelling or time travel books.


Let’s mix it a bit. My last few giveaways contained books, but it’s time for a … gift card. What you think about a $10.00 Amazon gift card?

amazon gc


Fill out the form below and leave your answer to the question: WHAT CHARACTER FROM WIZARD OF OZ IS YOUR FAVORITE?

Winners Announcement for the Thankful for Books Hop

15 Nov


Hidden Heart goes to Adriane Marshall.

A World Apart goes to Krista Bagley.

I Was Here–Before You Came goes to Richard VanHook.

For those of you interested in my books I’m looking for reviewers. Please contact me at cami[dot]skiba[at]gmail[dot]com. THANK YOU!!!!

Gratitude Giveaways 11/15- 11/25

14 Nov

Dear Reader,

This post is for you and about you. For many months you’ve stopped by and read my blog. Sometimes you’ve left comments, sometimes you’ve liked or friended me. Sometimes you stumbled once and never returned. And that’s a-okay. I’m still grateful you came. And for the readers out there that never found me, I hope one day the universe will work its magic and bring you here.

I am beyond grateful YOU exist. And what better way to honor YOU than to reward you with … granting you a wish (no, the goldfish is not my cousin . . . ) As part of the Gratitude Giveaways Blog Hop organized by Kathy @ I’m A Reader Not A Writer  you can win a book you want, a gift card, a DVD, tickets to a movie, you name it as long as it’s within a $15.00 budget, you go for it.

All you have to do is leave a comment about what you’re most grateful for and you are one step closer to winning. The winner will be announced on 11/26. NO need to like me, follow me, friend me, but if you still want to do it, I won’t say no. Whatever you decide to do is fine with me.

Lots of love and appreciation!

Yours truly,


One giveaway ended. Another one continues…

14 Jun

Boy! I’m a busy, busy bee. I’m not complaining, I’m just sayin’. With one giveaway ending yesterday and another one just starting I’m surprise my site is not on fire. Actually it is because you make it HOT. You my followers, my readers my visitors. Can’t thank you enough for coming back for more or simply stopping by.

As promised I’m announcing the winner for the Debut Author Giveaway Hop, just in time for my review of THE LETTER to finally being up on Amazon (check it out here). For those new to contests/ giveaways this is how it works: for each giveaway I create a form where you leave your info. There are a few requirements as part of the contest (either to become a follower, to twitt or to like me on FB). There are easy steps to follow which in return bring you closer to winning the prize. It’s a fair give and take matter with both sides (you and I) winning.

I found quite a few entries that haven’t followed all the requirements and I had no choice but to disqualify them (as I state in the beginning of each form, lately in capital letters) and, after a few tries I finally found the winner.

One e-copy of Marie Tillman’s THE LETTER goes to… Alisia Machado.

Congrats, Alisia!