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Yupppiee!!! 4Stars @ She Who Blogs Behind The Rows

2 Mar

I’m not gonna lie, I was really nervous following the link to the next tour stop @ She Who Blogs Behind The Rows because my book was to receive a review. And my stomach made a somersault reading Amanda’s review. She wrote: “Camelia Miron-Skiba has written this book from the heart and let people into a war filled world full of heroes, tragedy, love, and pride.  It is an excellent read for anyone who enjoys military stories.  The author is what I would call a “smart” writer.  She tells a story that needs to be absorbed rather than just words that are read.  A World Apart is exciting and passionate while also being raw and real.”

As a writer there’s nothing more rewarding than finding your readers get you, get your book. And Amanda did it so darn good. Thank you, Amanda!

I have something to celebrate this weekend 🙂

Growing up with vampires–Guest blog @ She Who Blogs Behind The Rows

1 Feb

Edward Cullen. Vampires. We all know they originate in the land of Dracula which happens to be my birthplace. I’m dead serious. I knew at one point I have to come clean about growing up with them and so decided, as part of the book tour for A World Apart, my next post to be about vampires. You can find my (and their) story at She Who Blogs Behind The Rows. Many thanks to Amanda for being part of the tour and hosting A World Apart. There is also a giveaway associated with the post, so hurry over and try your luck.


P.S: don’t forget the garlic….