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Yupppiee!!! 4Stars @ She Who Blogs Behind The Rows

2 Mar

I’m not gonna lie, I was really nervous following the link to the next tour stop @ She Who Blogs Behind The Rows because my book was to receive a review. And my stomach made a somersault reading Amanda’s review. She wrote: “Camelia Miron-Skiba has written this book from the heart and let people into a war filled world full of heroes, tragedy, love, and pride.  It is an excellent read for anyone who enjoys military stories.  The author is what I would call a “smart” writer.  She tells a story that needs to be absorbed rather than just words that are read.  A World Apart is exciting and passionate while also being raw and real.”

As a writer there’s nothing more rewarding than finding your readers get you, get your book. And Amanda did it so darn good. Thank you, Amanda!

I have something to celebrate this weekend 🙂