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Happy New Me! Happy New You! Happy New Year!

31 Dec

I blinked and January 1st 2015 stood on my doorsteps. I blinked again and December 31st same year followed. Did it feel the same way to you?

There are less than 13 hours left in this year as I write this post and I’m sure they’ll pass as fast as the rest of them. I’m not lamenting, nor wishing they’d pass by faster because I’m tired of trying to get somewhere, always in search for something and always trying to achieve it. How about just be here in this very moment and enjoy it, without any plans for the next step? How about just let life and time just happen and figure out what to do as it comes? Sounds like a plan?

Ever since I began writing and publishing books I’ve been on the run, always trying to write the next page, the next chapter, the next book. Every story was another journey, another discovery of what I could do and another evolution. All these years my motto was it doesn’t matter who I am or where I come from, but what I leave behind is. I thought I have it all figured out.

Socrates, one of the biggest philosopher to ever grace humanity once said, “I am talking a crock of shit.” I had no idea this expression dated hundreds of years ago and belongs to him, but who am I to argue with him? Needless to say, after some soul searching I realized my motto was a . . . pot of smelly stuff. I had a meltdown because, if you think about it, why would what I leave behind matter more than who I am here and now in this very moment? How will I ever know if what I left behind mattered with no way of seeing it? How am I gonna enjoy it? Think Socrates; does he know how much he touched humankind? Does he know people still remember him centuries later? And if he knows, does it make a difference?

I’m not sure. Frankly I doubt with all my heart it makes any difference to him. He’s gone, like I’ll be gone one day and instead of beating myself up to leave something behind me, I’m going to learn how to live here, now and freaking enjoy it. No more worrying about tomorrow, but live today. No more five-year plans, but rather let the sun soak my skin, the air fill my lungs and the grass touch my feet. 

To A Happy New Me! To A Happy New You! To A Happy New Year (and by Golly, really mean it!!!!)