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Only two more days until…

3 Jan

So much to do, so little time. I’m off to the spa to get pampered for the upcoming virtual book tour of Me Tarzan–You Jane, my newest contemporary romance. Only two more  days until the tour starts officially. I’m excited, nervous and curious to see how well (or not) was received. 

After the spa, I’m treating myself to mani and pedi, then ending with a trip to the hair salon. Upon returning home I’ll start packing. I’ll be traveling all over the world for the tour, from warm and sunny areas to freezing temperatures (brrrr, just writing the word freezing gets me cold). 

Traveling in a private jet, I’ll be leaving on Monday January 5th, and returning on January 16th. 

Wait. What? It’s just a dream? Maybe just a little part; okay, okay, a bigger part including the spa, the mani and pedi, the hair salon, the packing and traveling by private plane. But I do start my virtual book tour for Me Tarzan–You Jane on Monday. Pinkie swear.

Don’t believe me? Stop by on Monday and see it for yourself. Look for the part where it says kindle fire HD6 giveaway 😉

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to finish … laundry.