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Young Adult Paranormal Giveaway Hop

20 Feb
February 21st – 27th
Featuring Young Adult Books with Paranormal elements.

MY GIVEAWAY (US ONLY) the first DVD in Twilight series.


What you have to do to win this? Well, I was up to 2,998 likes on my author account on Facebook, but they did some voodoo to that number and dropped it overnight to 2,308. Not happy about it since the only reason I have a personal account AND an author account on FB is to connect with readers. So, I will kindly ask for your thumbs-up again for Camelia Miron Skiba Author Site on Facebook.

And since Twilight is my pick for this giveaway, how many of you saw all Twilight movies and which one was your favorite/ less favorite?

 My fav was Breaking Down-Part II (except the animated girl). Finally Bella showed some backbone. My least favorite was New Moon. Edward seemed so pathetic with all that pity me poor guy and Bella being so lost without him, and reckless only to force him to come back to her. I almost asked for my money back but then again, I went to the dollar theater to watch this one so the waste or dent in my wallet wasn’t too big.

How about you?