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Recap Festival of Books

20 Mar

Recently returned, recovered and recharged after the Tucson Festival of Books I decided to make this post about my experience while at this fabulous event.

This was my second year participating and, as it happened last year I travelled Friday along with Kris Tualla, Morgan Kearns and Deena Remiel, all longtime friends and incredible writers. Packed in Kris’ van the ride from Phoenix to Tucson was uneventful but really funny. These ladies have a tremendous sense of humor and we can really laugh our heads off about the smallest thing ever. We spent the day setting up the booth, housing …. writers. I was thrilled to see the friends I made last year but also meet new ones. 


Dinner time found us all spent but still willing to laugh. A yummy dinner along with a bottle of white wine turned our evening into a memorable time not to mention the creative waves sparking around us like fireworks. Then… along came Aaron Michael 

After a quick breakfast Saturday morning, pumped up and ready to go we made our way to the U of A campus where we opened our Pandora boxes full of books and proceeded to set up.

Old friends like Mimi Sebastian, Anna Questerly, Virginia Nelson, Sharon Hamilton, Erin Quinn, Leslie Jones soon joined us. And, like in similar occasions when you’re surrounded by people you love and get to do what you love most–talk about all things books–time is fleeting. For two days my heart burst with pride for all my friends who follow their dream of writing, breaking all roadblocks and enjoying their journey through publishing. For two days my heart burst with happiness that I too get to follow my dream, placing my books in readers hands, one book at a time. (sorry for the poor quality of my photos; my iPhone gets a low star review for that reason 😦 )



My feet were on fire after standing for two full days. My back demanded a massage. My body screamed for rest. But despite all of that I’d do it all over again. The part I don’t like is saying goodbye to my friends. Life and families and jobs take us back to reality but nothing can take away what we go through together, our memories, love and mutual respect. Nothing can take away our writing and the passion for it.