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Giveaway and Guest Post by Amy Gregory, Author of Racing To Love

28 Jun

I recently began collaborating with Liz @ Coffee Beans & Love Scenes to promote various authors and their work. I met Liz during my virtual book tour, actually she organized it for me. We stayed in touch and now I’m part of her team of bloggers spreading the word about new books.

Today’s guest post and giveaway feature author Amy Gregory here with her latest release Racing To Love, a contemporary romance. For your chance to win one e-copy of this witty and sweet love story leave your comment at the end of this post, answering the following question: Where did Carter meet Molly? (hint: read the blurb below…)


From the outside, Molly West had everything, beauty, brains, and a career she’d retired from not once, but twice.  Being in the limelight and in a sport that was male driven, she was often surrounded men.  She ignored first the boys, and as she got older, the men.  Unfortunately, they were all the same, all after one thing, and she had absolutely no use for them.  Her cold shoulder and patented not a chance in hell look were usually enough to get her point across.  Occasionally, she had to resort to her sass—and her brother.

Molly had no plans in changing what was a perfectly good system. That is until she walked into the pits.  When she stood toe-to-toe with the sex in jeans, she knew right then and there that the man her adoptive mother always told her was out there, was now standing right in front of her.

Carter Sterling had traveled the racing circuit since he was a boy.  He’d heard all the old standbys, She’s out there somewhere, love comes along when you least expect it.  Good things come to those that… Yeah, he’d heard them all.  The last place he expected to meet the love of his life was on a pro track.  All she did was smile, and he knew, looking into her sapphire blue eyes, Molly West was his.  Forever.

If it was only that easy.  From the moment he laid eyes on her, he had a gripping feeling in him.  An overwhelming need to protect her.  A girl he’d just met.  Carter had learned a long time ago that gut feelings are almost never wrong.

Molly now held his heart in her hands, but it was going to take a lot more than just love to protect her from the past she thought she’d buried a long time ago.

About the Author:

Amy Gregory leads an incredibly active lifestyle in Kansas City with her husband and their three fantastic kids who keep them running in three very different directions.  When she’s not rushing her oldest daughter to tumbling, her youngest daughter to music lessons, or sitting track-side watching her son practice motocross, she’s taking the few minutes in between to scribble the next pages in her Racing to Love series.

When asked, “When do you have time to write?” Amy Gregory giggles.  “In bits and pieces,” she says. 

Amy is known for her snarky, off the cuff sense of humor, which you’ll find shining through in the characters she’s created.  Her debut novel, Racing to Love, Carter’s Treasure, is set for release June 7, 2012.

I’ve spent my whole life trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up, and now I’ve finally found it. – Amy Gregory

Visit Amy at http://www.amygregory548.blogspot.com.

And here your guest post by Amy:

I recently read a book that the ending upset me so badly I wasn’t even able to pick up the author’s next book in the series.  There are two ways to look at this.  One, the author was successful in getting me THAT engaged in the story.  BUT – two, she was dangerously close to losing me as a reader forever.  I will admit that I cheated and had a good friend tell me the ending of the series so I could continue on without a complete fear of a horrible ending.  Without that, I would never have picked up the next two books.  Her other problem is that, as a romance author, I am often asked for book recommendations, so…  Don’t worry, she is back on my good list again.

A HEA is an absolute requirement for me to pick up a book.  I hate to sound like a complete, um well you know, but I have so little time to read, even though I love to read dearly.  When you combine that with how messy and sometimes ugly real life can be, I want to enjoy the book.  I want to escape and have what only fiction can give you.  I guess that is why I write. I fell in love with romance novels clear back in the day when I picked up Judy Blume’s Forever. 

That book changed my life.  I fell in love with a genre that has now become my life.  I fall in love with my characters, I cry with them, I laugh my butt off with them, I snicker when they’re ornery and I have that heart-clenching moment when the pieces all fall into place for them.  I will only write HEA—ever.  I guess I like knowing that when the last page is turned, that my world is happy, my people are exactly where they need to be and have everything they need.  Even though these people and this world is all in my head, at least it’s a happy little place to be…lol.

Winners LDS Authors Giveaway…

18 May

Lauren Mackesy  

April Hays 

Congrats, ladies! You will soon receive a notification.

Love Is In The Air with Spring Fling Giveaway

30 Apr

I love giveaways. Books, gift cards, DVDs, bookmarks–you name it, you have a chance to get any of those with a small click of a button.

I signed up for the Spring Fling Giveaway Blog Hop once again organized by Kathy @ I’m A Reader Not A Writer and Eve @ Eve’s Fan Garden. Can’t thank enough those ladies for their hard work.

I’m giving away 3 items:

one $10.00 Amazon gift card

one e-copy of HIDDEN HEART (debut novel)


A tale of love, betrayal and friendship.

A woman’s journey to forgiveness and redemption.

A man’s fight for a second chance.

Dark secrets threatening to destroy everything and more.

Will their love survive?

one e-copy of A WORLD APART (my second novel)


In a war that’s not hers, she loses everything.
Everything she loses is because of him.
Forgiveness is not an option.
Or maybe…

Interesting enough? Then enter the form below. The winner will be picked using random.org the day after the giveaway ends.

Good luck everyone!

The Curtain is down–Last Day of A WORLD APART Virtual Book Tour

29 Mar

Today is the last day of my virtual book tour and I can’t help but feel a bitter-sweet emotion as I’m ending this incredible journey.

Bitter because, like all good things, it comes to an end. Sweet because I had a tremendous experience, met some amazing people and most importantly–made lots of friends: Liz Velez who worked really hard at organizing my tour. Deb, Holly, Amanda, Carly, Ing, Ruth, Calum, to name a few as well as my critique partners Cindy, Sherry and Jeff. 

Thank you all for helping me make the virtual book tour of my newest release A World Apart a tremendous success. Chin-chin!

Sparknotes written on … thighs. Say what???

25 Mar

I’m pretty sure I don’t have a butt anymore. It’s flat, pancaked, gone–I swear it’s gone. I bet my next paycheck driving from Portland to Phoenix (about 1,300 miles)  in two  and 1/2 days would do that to anyone.

So, to unwind and get back to normal I stop by at Sandra’s Blog for a giveaway and a guest post about communications back in my time and now. Compared to my son—who texts without looking at the screen—my generation wrote notes on tiny pieces of paper, switching several hands until reaching the receiver, mostly at the other site of the class. For finals girls wrote sparknotes on … both thighs, abbreviating words only we could understand. I guess wearing a skirt had its advantages :). Guys on the other hand, wrote on their forearms. Talk about sweating bullets figuratively and literally wearing long-sleeved shirt when, without air conditioner there was no difference between the outside scorching temperatures and the classroom air.

Don’t forget to stop by at Sandra’s to read the guest post and for a chance to win an e-copy of A World Apart.

Happy Sunday everyone!

A World Apart reviewed @ Babs Book Bistro

20 Mar

Tuesday I stop @ Babs Book Bistro for a review and a giveaway for A World Apart. It’s the third review in a row and comes positive as well–4 stars–which thrills me to death (and once again gets me in the mood to do another happy dance). In her own words, Babs calls A World Apart, “This is more than just a love story it is about hope, forgiveness, suspense, drama and life changing issues. The characters are great the setting is good. It was a nice different read for me. It was a story you did not want to put down the pages just keep turning. You want to know if they will be ok if they make it.”

Thank you so very much, Babs for the wonderful review!

4 Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

11 Feb

Guess what I had for breakfast this morning?

Answer: 4 strawberries dipped in chocolate. No, I’m not on a diet, but all I had to do was to read the review for A World Apart posted on Guilty Indulgence and my hunger was miraculously satisfied. I can’t thank Christy enough for her thorough review (I should ask her if she’d write my blurbs from now on since she’s doing a better job than me).

Here an excerpt of her review:

This story is more about the journey and what life is like for two strong military doctors in a wartime environment.  It takes a while to get into the story and Ms. Skiba’s style of writing.   However, once you do it is hard to put the book down.  Their struggles truly become heart wrenching and it is hard to not want to keep reading to see if it will all work out for them and the characters around them in the end.  This book paints a poignant picture of what life is like in both Iraq and in the neighboring countries.  If you enjoy military pieces then this book will not disappoint.  It is a touching tale of what our military sacrifices each day and that even in wartime love can overcome any obstacle even the stubborn honor of a stubborn couple.

RATING:  I give this one four chocolate dipped strawberries.

If you are hungry for strawberries dipped in chocolate hop on over to the Guilty Indulgence website and help yourself (it’s even better if you bring a glass of champagne). The page has an incredible amount of reviews of all books romance. Who knows, before you leave  their site you’ll figured what’s your next romance read?