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It’s time I come out

3 Nov

That life takes you places you haven’t imagined is no secret. That it throws at you hurdles and trials–one bigger than other–again is no secret. That it’s partially unfair, oh well, we all know it.

But it also gives you moments of awe. Moments of pure laughter and happiness. Moments when love bubbles in your heart so intense you’re afraid it might explode in your chest. Moments when fear of the unknown is conquered and you feel on top of the world, proud of your accomplishments and stronger than ever.

A few days ago I had such a moment. For the past year I’ve been part of a local author group, nine to be exact. Our regular meetings left me energized, motivated and brave enough to confront my doubts about my writing journey. During one of these meetings a new idea was born, the launch of a joint blog. And unlike other such blogs, we decided the main goal of ours is to expose our readers to our muses, the wonderful voices that inspire us to create one hero at a time, one story after another, and where love knows no boundaries. Welcome to the Desert Muses Blog.

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To celebrate our launch we are offering a Kindle to one lucky winner. Hop over at the Desert Muses Blog and enter the rafflecopter. Then sit back relax and wait for the bell to ring. It might be the mailman delivering that very Kindle.

Good luck everyone!

To Write or Not To Write– Guest Post by Sherry Gammon

4 Sep

In preparation for the upcoming virtual book tour for THE EXPERIMENT (come back tomorrow 09/05 for more details about it) by Cindy C Bennett, Sherry Gammon and Jeffery Moore I invited Sherry to stop by with a guest post. She graciously accepted picking a very interesting subject to talk about: To Write Or Not To Write.

Interested in finding out how an author began writing? Then have a seat, maybe a cup off coffee and enjoy!

To Write or not To Write-Guest Post by Sherry Gammon


Okay, maybe it is not the question, but it may be one you wrestle with. I know I did. I began writing when I was in sixth grade. My family had just survived a traumatic event, and my twelve-year-old mind was struggling to comprehend it. I couldn’t understand why it had happen, and why the people involved even allowed it to happen. It took me years to finally figure that one out, by the way.


I still remember to this day what inspired me to write the poem that came out of that mess. Highlights (for kids), remember that fun little magazines from your childhood? I was skimming through the magazine, reading my favorite sections—probably Goofus and Gallant ;} when I came upon a selection of poems written by kids; I was mesmerized. I
pulled out a pencil and began writing. I probably wrote a few Roses are Red type poems first knowing me, I’m not sure, but I do remember writing the poem that started it all. I wrote my feelings about what had happened, not going into detail, but more or less summarizing it in general terms like Love, and Pain and Confusion. It gave me great comfort to just write it all down. I showed it to my mom, she didn’t believe I’d written it. My mother has never been big on compliments, mind you, so her surprised at how well the poem had turned out gave me encouragement.


Next, I wrote a few poems for a seventh grade English class that were well received by my peers. In college, I graduated to writing a short story about a young boy who’d committed suicide. His death troubled me so deeply I couldn’t get it off my mind.  I wrote about his struggles, adding some of my own details since I didn’t know everything that contributed to his ultimate surrender to death. My teacher raved about the story and encouraged me to publish.

For me, writing became a way to deal with things that weighed heavy on my mind. To this day if something bothers me, I write about it. Most of the time my writings do not enlighten me with any big revelations, or life-altering tidbits, but writing my thoughts down helps me sort through it and come to peace with whatever it is.


So my advice: Write! If not for others, write for yourself, at least at first.  You may begin writing and before you know it, a novel is born! There just may be a Les Misérables inside of you begging to be published…then they’ll make a Broadway play out of your book… then a movie starring Liam Neeson…


You never know until you try!

For more about Sherry and her books visit her at http://www.wordpaintingsunlimited.com/