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29 Sep


“Kiddo, so good to see you,” Victor said, kissing her cheeks and hugging her tight. “I knew you wouldn’t let me down,” he said, releasing her.

“Glad to be here,” Tessa said and when Dina hugged her she whispered, “I’m seeing Adrian this afternoon.” By the look on Dina’s face she knew she shocked her. “I’ll tell you more tomorrow,” she said, giving Dina a thumbs up.

“Tessa, oh my, I haven’t seen you in ages,” Elena, Victor’s daughter, said.

When Tessa turned around, she saw Elena approaching with her husband Marcel holding the baby. They hugged and Tessa asked to hold the baby.

“Wow, what a big boy you are,” she said and the baby smiled happily, trying to grab her necklace. Tessa looked at Victor who stood across from her, his pride bulging his chest, then at the baby and said, “I’m glad you don’t look like your grandpa,” then burst into laughter.

“Oh dear, only you could’ve said something like this and still be alive,” Dina leaned toward her, pretending to look the other way.

Victor’s face reddened and his pointed finger threatened to poke at her. “You better take those words back. Either you’re blind or you just want to annoy me, but I’ll—”

“Good afternoon everyone.”

Tessa looked over her shoulder and saw Alessandro standing right behind her. She turned to face him and smiled, still holding and rocking the baby. To her relief, he was alone.

“Hi,” everyone said and Alessandro did the round of hugging and shaking hands, leaving Tessa for last. When her turn came, he just stood in front of her, looking grave and struggling to swallow. His jaw clenched, his eyebrows drawn together. Dressed in a pale blue shirt and jeans he looked dazzling. He brushed a hand through his hair, bowed and Tessa thought for a second that he’d kiss her over the baby’s head.

She tilted her chin upward, stopped rocking the baby and waited. But the kiss never came. Alessandro caressed the baby’s head, then took his chubby hand and shook it gently. “Hello, little man,” he said, smiled at the baby and walked away.

Tessa felt her face on fire, her heart melting. How humiliating! She was mortified by her own expectation—why would he kiss her, when she had sent him away? She looked around their group, but no one seemed to observe what just happened.

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VBT–Thirty-Two Going on Spinster by Becky Monson. Spotlight and Giveaway

25 Sep

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thirty twoThirty-Two Going on Spinster by Becky Monson

Julia Dorning is a spinster, or at least on the road to becoming one. She has no social life, hates her job, and lives in her parent’s basement with her cat, Charlie.

With the arrival of Jared Moody, the new hire at work, Julia’s mundane life is suddenly turned upside down. Her instant (and totally ridiculous) crush on the new guy causes Julia to finally make some long-overdue changes, in hopes to find a life that includes more than baking and hanging out with Charlie.

But when the biggest and most unexpected change comes, will the new and improved Julia be able to overcome it? Or will she go back to her spinster ways?

Purchase your copy for just $2.99!!

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 Praise for Thirty-Two Going on… Spinster

“Oh my, oh my. I have just finished wiping the tears of laughter from my eyes. This is seriously funny.”

~Julie Darley (Never judge a Book by its Movie)

“This was a refreshing change of pace for me to read. Some good clean romance was found in it’s pages and that is a rare find these days. It was some great chick-lit. I would not have thought this was Becky’s debut book, it was so well done.”

~Liberty Ann (SnifferWalkBooks)


Becky MonsonAuthor Becky Monson

By day, Becky Monson is a mother of three young children, and a wife. By night, she escapes with reading books and writing. In her debut novel, Becky uses humor and true-life experiences to bring her characters to life. She loves all things chick-lit (movies, books, etc), and wishes she had a British accent. She has recently given up Diet Coke for the fiftieth time and is hopeful time will last… But it probably won’t. Becky runs a large book club on Facebook called “This Chick Reads”.


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Winner Announcement for Night Magic by Susan Squires

25 Sep

The winner of one e-copy of Night Magic by Susan Squires is … Lori H.

Congrats, Lori! Look for an email from Amazon for the gifted book.


Mondays are for Excerpts

22 Sep


“Sir, I believe I know who killed your daughter,” Tessa said, emotions shaking her voice. Words raked the back of her throat. “But before I can tell you who did it, I need you to promise me, you’ll allow the bank to return the money back to the farmers.”

The mayor shot to his feet, fists clenched to his side. “How dare you come into my house, dangling a carrot in front of me and ask such nonsense! My daughter didn’t steal anything from anyone! Prove it, if you can.” He pointed a finger at Mr. Popescu and said, “You, and the rest of you farmers, make my life miserable with this accusation. I’m sick of all of you!”

Tessa reached into her purse and pulled out two pieces of paper and handed them to the mayor. He hesitated to take them.

“You ask for proof of her illegal activity. These are copies of contracts for the same person, only different amounts. Mr. Popescu here can confirm for you receiving a certain amount from me and handing part of it to your daughter while she notarized the contract.”

The farmer nodded.

The mayor took the documents, looked them over then said, “How do I know this is not fabricated by you, a denigrating conspiracy against my daughter?”

Tessa sat composed, her shoulders straight, her hands steady. A peaceful feeling came over her when she spoke with a candid voice, “What would I gain lying to you, Sir? You have here two people telling you the truth. If you’ll listen to the other farmers you’ll hear the same story. There’s a lot of money in your daughter’s account that belongs to others and not to her.”

The mayor seemed to ponder her words, then slumped on the sofa, next to his wife. He rested his elbows on his knees and looked sideways at his wife, then back at Tessa. He pushed a hand through his completely white hair, a pained look on his face.

“Suppose I agree to this. How do I know how much money goes to whom?”

“We’ll work together, calling in each farmer and ask how much money they gave away. You’ll have to trust them,” Tessa said.

“And how do I know you’re telling me the truth about my daughter’s killer?”

Tessa pulled out of her purse a brown envelope and placed its content on the coffee table in front of the mayor.

“Because the same person who did this to me told me he gave your daughter the same lesson. Only I was lucky and survived. This is me in the intensive care unit hours after the attack. A friend found me, otherwise I’d probably not be here.”

The mayor’s mouth fell agape. He lifted each photo with shaky hands, then placed them back down. He looked at Tessa, then back at the photos. His wife stopped rocking and covered her mouth with both hands, her head shaking in denial.

“My baby, my poor baby, what she had to go through,” she said against her palms. Her husband embraced her, caressing her wrinkled cheek.

“Did he get caught?” the mayor asked, his face flushed with fury.

“He had an accident. Unfortunately he didn’t survive to face his trial.” Tessa gathered the photos, then stood. “I’m sorry I put you through this, Sir. I wish I didn’t have to show you the photos. Nor did I intend to add more suffering to your family. But I owed this to myself and to your daughter, who became the victim of the same person. It’s time to do the right thing.” 

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Banned Book Week Hop

20 Sep

banned book week 2014[2] 2

“Don’t touch the stove,” — “Don’t listen to that song,” –“Don’t watch that movie!” … and the list goes on. How many times have we heard these or variations of such don’t-s especially during our childhood?

Well, if that was not enough we can add one more to the list: Don’t read that book! For one reason or another some books land on the Banned Books List and while we don’t really pay attention to it on a regular basis, here we are taking one week out of the year to … celebrate these books. Why? Because some of the reasons those books are on the list are–in my opinion–very subjective (Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is considered “racially insensitive,” “oppressive,” and “perpetuates racism.” Or J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter makes the list for “occult / Satanism”).

Please join us during the week of 09/21-09/27 for the Banned Book Week Hop organized by Mary @ The Book Hounds and Kathy @ I’m A Reader Not A Writer. Find your way to lots and lots of blogs giving away tons of prizes, all of them from the same category–banned books. You’re allowed to rebel for once and no one will judge you for it, I promise.

My Giveaway: one e-copy of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, by Stephen Chbosky


What you have to do to win it: It’s simple: FOLLOW THIS BLOG BY EMAIL by clicking on the button to the right called “Sign me up!” (atop all images) and leave your answer to the question: What book from the banned Book List you read and loved it? I start first and say that my fave book of ALL times is Margaret Mitchell’s Gone With The Wind.

VBT–An Event to Remember… or Forget by Melissa Baldwin. Guest Post and Giveaway

18 Sep

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An event to remember or forget

An Event to Remember… or Forget

Sienna Harris is a girl with a plan. Her days of slaving away at Carrie’s Classic Events and More are numbered as she is on the brink of launching her own event planning company. Her relationship with Luke Price is headed in the right direction and they are approaching their one-year mark. The future is looking bright and she knows that life could not get any better . . . That is until her perfectly planned world is thrown upside down by the unexpected arrival of someone from Luke’s past.
She receives the shock of her life on the night of the biggest event of her career. Sienna will now have to pull it all together without a list or a plan. The question is, can she do it?


 Guest Post–Juggling responsibilities and managing time

I have always been very organized and good at keeping a schedule but even then life gets so busy that I sometimes wonder how I will be able to keep up with everything. These many tasks include the day job, taking care of husband, caring for children, chauffeuring children to practices/ lessons, exercise, PTA, housework, laundry and making time for writing.  

I know after talking to most women, we all feel this way at some point. we want to do everything and be everything. 

Writing is my break from all of the day to day responsibilities. I love being able to escape into my characters and their world.

If I could give any kind of advice to my fellow mothers, wives, working women, writers etc. it would be to try your best, be patient with yourself, ask for help when you need it and above all else love yourself.


Melissa BaldwinAuthor Melissa Baldwin

Melissa graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications; she has always had a love for writing. An avid journal keeper, she fulfilled her dream with her debut novel, An Event To Remember . . . Or Forget.
Melissa resides in Orlando, Florida, with her husband and young daughter. She is a master at organization and multi-tasking. Her daily jobs include mother, chauffeur, wife, PTA President, Fitness Trainer, and now Author.
When she has free time, she enjoys traveling, fitness, decorating, fashion, and taking a Disney Cruise every now and then.

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Cover Reveal for Sherry Gammon’s Port Fare Series

16 Sep
Unlovable is now an audiobook!! If you click here you can get the audiobook for free with a 30 day free trial of Audible on Amazon!! You can’t beat free!!Along with the release of the audiobook, I’ve redesigned the covers of the first two books in the Port Fare series. ( I’m designing covers now. Click here and check them out!) To celebrate the new look, I am giving away paperback copies of the entire series. 

Here is the new cover for Unlovable. I didn’t change it too much because I really loved the original one. (Thank you, Paul Beeley), but another author came out with almost the exact same cover, including the coloring :'(

I kept the girl on the swing because she fits Maggie’s story perfectly, though I did add flowers to the swing. The rest has been changed completely. I love the blues and pinks, and I’ve always wanted a moon on the cover. I also added Maggie’s trailer in the background!

Here is the eBook cover:

And this is the Paperback
     This is the audio book cover.
 This is the new cover for Unbelievable! It’s a real change. I feel this cover fits the story so much better. Lilah feels trapped by her domineering father and his demands. She desperately wants to break free…can’t tell you anymore or I’ll spoil the story I feel this new cover portrays Lilah and what she is going through in a much stronger way, and it seems to fit in better with the other covers. While I loved the old cover, and had a huge say in its design, (Thank you again, Paul) it seemed out of place with book one & three’s covers. This one holds the same “feel,” if you will.
Here is the Ebook cover:
And this is the paperback
Unbearable’s cover didn’t really change, only the back was updated.


So, what do you think??

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